Friday, November 26, 2010

Ruby with mysql

sir told the difference between ruby using ordinary mysql
and Ruby using ORM(object Relational Mapping)

create a database called student

Ruby code to access the table rubyists (ORM using Ruby)

i wondered here sql function not using anywhere in this programme

Let's write a Ruby program and name it as db_connect.rb

    require 'rubygems' 
    require 'active_record' 
       :adapter => "mysql", 
    :host => "localhost", 
    :database => "students" 
    class Rubyist < ActiveRecord::Base 

     Rubyist.create(:name => 'Luc Juggery', :city => "Nashville, Tenessee") 
     Rubyist.create(:name => 'Sunil Kelkar', :city => "Pune, India") 
     Rubyist.create(:name => 'Adam Smith', :city => "San Fransisco, USA") 

Then sir also told the ordinary way of connecting this  programme through mysql

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