Monday, January 3, 2011

Joined in Bhea

today monday i joined..bhea knowledge technologies
staying accomodation in my cousins room. sunday i departured train from chennai central railway station lalbaugh express at 3.45 pm and reached bangalore city 10.00 pm and reached to my cousin room early morning waked up 6.30 a.m and rushed through to office by bike my cousin dropped me into office thanks to him ..i hope all things will go fine ...this new year resolution for everyone hope dreams come true ...i reached office at 8.30 i met ram sir and said wishes to him ..and later i filled all the formalities of our office ...and i later technical person sanjay interviewed me about the latest web technologies and asking what is json? how u implement it and asking the oops concepts ? asking what i mentioned everything in my resume .nice experience to me ..later i met ram sir he told he can take class after lunch . later reshma (h.r) introduced us to everyone in our office..later we went to lunch with our staff members

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