Friday, January 28, 2011

How to find out the which application is using port 80 in windows ?

How to find out the which application is using the port 80 ?

Every application that needs to talk to other applications,
needs to have a port number. Every computer can give out port numbers
ranging from 0 – 65535, and once a port number is given,
it cannot be given to another application (while it is running at least)
so, one application is to one port number.
The reason why application have port numbers is so that,
when one application (say Firefox) wants to talk to another
application (in another computer, say Apache; a web server),
Firefox needs to know that when he sends out a message,
it will be received by the intended recipient (Apache),
and this can only be done if Firefox knows exactly where
Apache is. There are 2 components that make up a unique address of
an application — one is the IP address of the machine where the
application is running, and the other component is — you guessed it,
the port number; Collectively these two (IP address and port number)
are known as a socket, but that’s another story, let’s stop here —
What’s important to know is that, port numbers are — well, important;
they determine the uniqueness of an application within a

in windows u enter the command

C:\>netstat -aon | findstr 0.0:80

the pipe symbol extracts and get the input from netstat


and then

C:\>tasklist | findstr 560

and the culprit is none other than skype :)

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