Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today i tried to install Bitnami stack in windows !

there are lots of stacks (packs) available for developing php environment it consists of lots of many applications and like xampp,wampp,lamp,bitnami etc.,
i just explored the bitnami stack in windows !

today i go through the website bitnami its a stack consisting of (apache,php,mysql)
bitnami is an open source stack it can having so many stacks

it can having the stack of postgresql instead of(mysql)

and also like drupal and joomla and moodle more .,

BitNami Infrastructure Stacks

Infrastructure Stacks are designed for developers and system administrators and provide you a way of deploying a LAMP or Ruby environment, but do not include any extra applications. It is not necessary to download an infrastructure Stack to use an application Stack.

for more information go to website 

and download the package 

and enjoy 

and later i encountered the problem of application using port no -80 later i rectified see my blog also for solving the port no-80 

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