Thursday, February 17, 2011



Today i just to refresh my brain i go through  the doctype--rules of an

language it tells the mark up langauge to browser

DTD(document type definition)

1.strict---it contains all html elements,except  font and frameset

2.Transitional--it supports all html elements and attributes except frameset

3.Frameset---it supports all elements and  attributes

why we saying before we starting any html language just go through any site it saying a
huge big 3 line statement containing

""> like this ....any website has validated by some
webstandards the rules must follow any website as per the browser understanding the

document are coming from html and browser will parse...

For validating any website just go to  in that validator website

you may enter url or just copy paste your own code or website html  code it will validate

the errors and returned to you .. and then today i refresh the html language  becuase i dont

want to forget anything.

<iframe> This tag is very useful to create an certain area in browser window we can

create an  new small window in html pages we can declare  the height and width

<target> using target we can fetch the  element from one location to another location

Now the Latest version of Html is HTML-5 it  supports the

new html5 supports videos the biggest challenge is in future versions of browsers we

need not depend on flash player its an heavy weight one using canvas element in html5

supports to draw  graphics and pictures in browser with the help of javascript using svg

element we can draw circles, ovals,rectangles,polygon,polyline,line etc., previously for

this we need to depend on some other plugin but now observe web becomes most user


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